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Rapidinnovation adds to its acclaimed line of e-guides for product development. Available for download to help you improve, R&D, time-to-market and innovation.

Optimized Development for Innovative Products

You need to develop and deliver an innovative product that achieves measurable business results; Rapidinnovation collaborates with you to ensure that you can. Our experienced consultants rapidly help you define and solve thorny product development challenges so you can create competitive advantages better and faster than your rivals.

We do one thing: product development consulting.

Our approach is to work directly with those who “own” the problem, they are best able to implement solutions — and have the most to gain from solving it. We connect with your team rapidly, applying our strong product development background and proven facilitation skills that work even in turbulent environments.

We deliver customized solutions in the forms that reflect your challenge: documented process, completed projects, reliable methods and effective knowledge transfer. We work with your team to implement all changes and ensure long-term, measurable results.


Areas of Service

Obtaining and Using
Customer Requirements

Product Pipelines

Risk Management

Multi-Site Product Development

Clean Execution (Flexible Project
and Program Management for
Product Development)

Other Areas of Service

Why Rapidinnovation?

 Our consultancy focuses only on product development, providing a wealth of experience and a proven collection of successful practices that can endure the turmoil of today’s product development.
 We have the experience to identify the root cause of any problems – avoiding false starts and maximizing efficiency for you and your product development team.
 We understand the product development hurdles you face, from multi-site development in far-flung countries to global competition to ever-changing technologies. We help you tame chaos with tested approaches, effective knowledge transfer and measurable results.

We’ve been delivering success to our clients for 11 years, and collectively have decades of product development experience. We know the most effective ways to collaborate with your team, providing the processes, knowledge and abilities you need right now.
Contact us to chat about your challenges and how we can provide permanent solutions that work. You'll talk with one of our senior experts, not a sales-person. And naturally, there's no obligation on your part.
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